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Your carpet and upholstery is an expensive and valuble part of your home. Your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning should not be rushed but given the care and time needed. Without the overheads of the franchises I offer carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to a high standard without the high costs.

We carry Out.

1. Initially the fabric is tested to ensure we use the best method of cleaning.
2. Your upholstery will now be dry vacuumed with an industrial vaccum cleaner to remove any dry dust or dirt.
3. Then a specialist cleaners pre-spray is applied and any stains are treated.
4. The pre-spray is now agitated on the fabric to ensure all dirt is absorbed.
5. If needed a finishing spray can be applied

Upholstery can be easily protected with Stain Guard to protect against stains Included in any pricing for cleaning are stain treatment, and soil loosening pre-sprays, agitation, to work the pre-sprays through the pile and water/steam rinse extraction removing all soil.

A properly clean surface will remain clean and re-soil no quicker than a new article. Sanitize and where applicable re-invigorate dye colours, piled material is then groomed to ensure a smooth finish. High volume air movers now speed up the drying process. Carpets are typically dry in two or three hours.  Longer piles may take slightly longer to dry.